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Maestro Communications is a full-service, independently owned communications firm providing a full range of services in public relations, marketing and promotions. The company was founded upon the belief that successful marketing and communications come with experience. Having represented clients in nearly every industry, we are able to quickly identify your exact needs, eliminating any lengthy start up period. Maestro Communications wastes no time returning professional results. The primary industries we serve include high technology, consumer electronics, consumer products, food and beverage and entertainment.


Successful communications is an ART. It begins with an IDEA, develops into a STRATEGY and ends in favorable, measurable RESULTS. This philosophy carries into each and every project that Maestro Communications handles for its clients. From writing press releases to developing and executing comprehensive public relations and marketing campaigns, you can relax knowing that both experience and creative and strategic thinking are behind every project.

We dig deep to find out what makes your company or product tick and identify what really works to get your message to the media or to your customers. Because we're a tightly run, boutique agency, every project gets hand-on attention from the company's top executives and the confidence you feel from us is embedded in the output you get from us.

If you're tired of agencies that take too long to understand your product and lack the tenacity or solutions needed to obtain essential visibility, yet charge you a bundle for every minute spent on your account, you may be ready for a change. Maestro Communications invites you to try our 21st century "new communications."

Who We Are

Dana Oertell Scoby has more than 20 years of experience in marketing and communications in the high tech, computer software, services, consumer products, consumer electronics and food and beverage industries. Having held executive and director positions for both large and small corporations as well as advertising and PR agencies, Dana has a keen business sense and understanding of corporate expectations. She has launched many new products and technologies in the technology, science, computer software and consumer goods industries. Recently, in her role as director of marketing and PR for Bio-Hydration Research Lab, she helped to catapult a little known bottled water product called Penta® to the fastest growing product in the health food industry. The company began mass retail distribution in May 2003. Dana also has launched over 100 computer and video game products for Sony, the first group of games being integral in the successful introduction of the PlayStation® game console. Her 'can do it' attitude and 'hands-on' approach had wrought many successful marketing and PR campaigns with tremendous results. In turn, Dana has helped many of her staff members in their own career advancement. Dana has recently returned to consulting, reviving her Maestro communications consulting business consisting of a network of experienced creatives and technologists. Under Dana’s direction, this talented group is ready to provide you any marketing or communications expertise needed to make your company or product stand out in a current stiff economy.

As a strategic partner with Maestro Communications, Spencer Brooks contributes his resources and talents to round out and help bring Maestro Communications' client PR campaigns to the next level. Brooks also assists with strategic planning, new business opportunities and focuses primarily in achieving top-tier media editorial.