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2003 Press Releases & Coverage

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May 8 Contemporary Jazz Violinist, Jeremy Cohen, Celebrates Joe Venuti's 100th Anniversary in Concert
May 8 AUTOBACS SEVEN Launches First U.S. Mega Store in Orange County (Stanton), CA
May 8 Penta Water Soon to be Available in Kroger Grocery Stores
May 8 Penta Water Featured in Doctor's Prescription for Healthy Living Magazine
April 22 Pentathlete Eddy Hellebuyck top US finisher at 2003 Boston Marathon
April 9 Pentathlete Chris McCormack Again Takes First at Ironman Australia
April 7 Penta Water Featured on KGTV 10 News
April 5 Pentathlete Ed Moses Sets American 100m Fly Record
Jan. 22 Bio-Hydration Research Lab More Than Doubles Sales, Expands Executive Team, Prepares to Expand Production Capacity by 650%

Contemporary Jazz Violinist, Jeremy Cohen, Celebrates Joe Venuti's 100th Anniversary in Concert
Live Concert and Multimedia Presentation at the Historic Herbst Theatre
Wednesday September 10, 2003 at 8 p.m.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - August 19, 2003 - On September 10th, contemporary jazz violinist, Jeremy Cohen, will headline a concert at the historic Herbst Theatre celebrating the life and work of Joe Venuti (1903-1978). Giuseppe "Joe" Venuti was considered the first great violinist of Jazz. September marks the 100th anniversary of his birth.

Cohen and his ViolinJazz Quartet, including Larry Dunlap on piano, Dix Bruce on guitar and Jim Kerwin on bass will perform works by Joe Venuti and Cohen's signature ViolinJazz arrangements. Guest artists include noted jazz violinist, Paul Anastasia, Venuti alumnus, bassist Dean Riley, guitarist Paul Mehling, and reed player Jim Rothermel. The concert begins at 8 p.m. A multimedia presentation on Venuti's life will be part of the program. Advance tickets will be available at City Box Office by calling (415) 392-4400 or ordering through

"As the true pioneer of jazz violin and having played with such greats as Eddie Lang, Red Nichols, Jimmy Dorsey and Frank Signorelli of the original Dixieland Jazz Band in the 1920s, Venuti continues to inspire me," says Cohen. Both Venuti and Cohen were classically trained at an early age prior to pursuing their jazz violin careers.

About Jeremy Cohen

"Jeremy Cohen plays a wicked fiddle..." - San Francisco Chronicle, June 2003
"Jeremy Cohen is a fine violinist who exudes genuine, bold grandeur, accentuated by an astonishing exposé of his heart through his fingers." - Strings Magazine, 2002
A performing and recording artist for nearly 30 years, Jeremy Cohen is unique. As a jazz soloist who was classically trained by the great Itzhak Perlman, he is equally at home in the traditions of jazz and classical music. He combines blues, pop, country and swing-era music with virtuosic style to produce his very own ViolinJazz sound.
Cohen has performed as a soloist with numerous symphony orchestras, and in the studio on recordings with Linda Ronstadt, Ray Charles, Aaron Neville, Tracy Chapman, and Cleo Laine. He appeared on Carlos Santana's Grammy-winning CD Supernatural and new Shaman CD, as well as on the original Star Wars compilation CD with John Williams. "Jurassic Park III," "Predator II," "Dukes of Hazard" and "Hill Street Blues" are some of Cohen's many soundtrack credits. His theatrical credits include "Wicked," "The Producers," "Forever Tango," "Phantom of the Opera," "Ragtime," and "Fiddler on the Roof." For more information on Jeremy Cohen, including his 2003-2004 concert schedule and recent CD recordings, visit

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From Automotive Parts and Accessories to Total Lifestyle Support, AUTOBACS SEVEN CO., LTD., Launches First U.S. Mega Store in Orange County (Stanton), CA

Stanton, CA - August 25, 2003 - AUTOBACS SEVEN CO., LTD., a publicly traded company on the Tokyo, Osaka, and London stock exchanges, is opening its first U.S. SUPER AUTOBACS "Car-Life" retail store in Stanton, California on August 28, 2003 at 1:00 p.m. AUTOBACS SEVEN is Japan's largest automotive aftermarket parts and accessories retailer. The new SUPER AUTOBACS store, located in Orange County, is geared toward the avid auto enthusiast and boasts 35,000 square feet of brand-name and original merchandise complete with specialty installation, maintenance, and car customization bays on-site. The store is located at 12645 Beach Blvd., Stanton, CA 90680.

"SUPER AUTOBACS is the car lover's utopia. From the moment you step into a SUPER AUTOBACS store, you know that your car lifestyle will never be the same," boasts Mr. Yasukiyo Tajima, President and CEO of AUTOBACS U.S.A., Inc. "We've taken out the word 'boring' out of shopping for car essentials and raised the level of personal 'car-life' support by carrying the coolest and widest selection of high-performance aftermarket products and accessories -- anywhere. When in comes to your car, AUTOBACS is the ultimate shopping and service-oriented experience."

The new SUPER AUTOBACS mega store will carry more than 80 brands and 10,000 products, including brand name products for both American and import cars. The store features cleanly designated departments as if shopping in a sophisticated department store, making all products easy to find. Customers can purchase tires, wheels, performance parts, custom audio systems, security and GPS systems, bumpers and grills, as well as select from thousands of unique gadgets, collectibles, specialty books, sunglasses and other original car and SUV related merchandise. Autobacs' service offerings include on-site audio and parts installation, car customization, and certified maintenance service. Customers can even snack and watch their cars being worked on from a viewing room lounge.

AUTOBACS SEVEN was established in 1948 as a wholesaler and retailer of automobile parts. Since the first AUTOBACS specialty automotive outlet opened in Osaka in1974, the company has since become known as Japan's premier source for automobile parts and service. There are now more than 500 AUTOBACS franchises across Japan and overseas. Today AUTOBACS SEVEN is moving beyond its niche as a retailer of automotive products, evolving into a business that provides comprehensive support for the car lifestyle - a one-stop source for all automotive needs. AUTOBACS U.S.A., Inc., a 100% subsidiary of AUTOBACS SEVEN CO., LTD., was established on May 21, 2001.

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Penta Water Soon to be Available in Kroger Grocery Stores

SAN DIEGO, CA - May 8, 2003 - After three years of availability exclusively in health food stores, Penta water will soon be available in major grocery stores.

Two divisions of Kroger - one of the largest retailers in the United States - will soon be stocking Penta water. Kroger plans to begin carrying Penta in their Cincinnati and Indianapolis KMAs beginning in late May.

Penta is working with both retailers to develop support programs to drive awareness and sell-through. Among the support tools being planned are display racks, couponing, radio advertising and sampling events.

"We are very excited about the opportunity that entering the mainstream channel presents - not just for us, but for retailers and consumers as well" noted Jim Peters, VP of Sales for Penta. "Penta has changed the way retailers view bottled water in the health food channel by introducing a value added product that brings new shoppers. Our plan is to continue to support the health food channel while simultaneously driving a successful entry into grocery. Expanding our distribution base will help us to build awareness in both channels."

Director of Marketing Dave Donaldson agreed. "We'll be supporting entry into mainstream retail with a combination of advertising, promotions and heavy sampling event programs. Our objective is to ensure that carrying and promoting Penta is a good strategic decision by our customers in all classes of trade."

Penta is also discussing distribution with major retailers in other channels, including convenience stores and drug stores.

Penta is the best selling and fastest growing water item in the health channel - outselling the #2 item by 32% in 2002.

Penta water is produced by Bio-Hydration Research Lab, Inc., a San Diego based company. Penta is the world's only patented purified water - it has been demonstrated to have unique physical properties due to a patented process. Among other beneficial properties, Penta has been proven to hydrate more effectively and improve cell survival under adverse conditions.

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Pentathlete Chris McCormack Again Takes First at Ironman Australia

FORSTER/TUNCURRY, N.S.W., AUSTRALIA – Macca turned 30 the day before the race, so he can no longer claim he's in Championship, by 11 minutes no less, was a fantastic Birthday present! He is now the 2-Time Reigning Ironman Australia Champion!

Chris said it was "an easy day" and that he was "comfortable out there the entire time". The swim went perfect and he absolutely smashed the entire field on the bike, riding away immediately after the swim. Of the 140.6 miles, Macca was completely alone for 138.2 miles of it! He was of course running scared like like anyone if first place would be, but he was able to "cruise on the run" for a 2:51 Marathon... and that was with him walking the entire finish to make sure he high-fived each and every screaming fan.

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Bio-Hydration Research Lab More Than Doubles Sales, Expands Executive Team, Prepares to Expand Production Capacity by 650%

SAN DIEGO – January 22, 2003 – Bio-Hydration Research Lab Inc., the makers of Penta® water, announced today that last year it more than doubled sales -- recording a sales increase of 125% versus 2001.

This is the second consecutive year of phenomenal growth for Penta water. The company has also consistently maintained profitability -- reporting a profit in each of the past five quarters.

Penta water, which was introduced in 2000 in limited health food stores, has seen consistent sales increases due to expanding distribution and same-store sales growth. Penta is now sold in over 3,500 health and specialty food stores, as well as via a network of over 700 health care practitioners. Penta also recently made its first entry into the mainstream food store market with distribution in over 30 Basha's, an Arizona-based grocery chain.

Bio-Hydration is a privately held company.

Company expands executive team

In order to facilitate and support this continued accelerated growth, Bio-Hydration also announced that it has expanded its executive team.

Joining the company as Vice-President of Sales is Jim Peters. Jim has 22 years of sales and management experience and a track record of demonstrated success with organizations such as Pepsi, Del Monte, Maxell and Upper Deck.

"I am very excited to have been given the opportunity to take Penta Water to the next level," noted Peters. "Selling a product that helps so many people feel better, makes it a very strong selling proposition! Our existing sales organization and retail partner relationships will become stronger in 2003. New resources such as direct sales personnel, brokers and distribution partners will help increase sales and market presence."

Also joining the company's executive team is Dave Donaldson, the company's director of marketing and public relations. Dave brings to the company 13 years of sales and marketing experience with ConAgra Foods and The E&J Gallo Winery.

"I am truly thrilled at the huge market potential of Penta Water, and grateful to have the opportunity to play a leadership role in introducing Penta to a broader consumer base," said Donaldson. "Penta is a product that has such a significant, relevant point of difference -- one that can't be replicated by competitors -- it's a marketer's dream. Having such a great product gives us a huge head start on carving out significant market share."

New production facility to have more than 7 times current capacity

As the rapid sales growth of Penta water has exceeded already aggressive sales goals, production capacity has been stretched. Production at the Mira Mesa facility has been expanded several times over the past year, but the company is running out of room.

To meet the growing demand, Bio-Hydration is building a new, state-of-the-art bottling plant in Carlsbad, Calif. Slated for start-up in May of this year, the new line will be capable of producing up to 650% more than the current line's maximum capacity.

"It's an exciting time for Penta water," stated Founder and CEO Bill Holloway. "It's encouraging for us to see sales growth and to see our company grow, but it's especially rewarding to see that Penta is making a difference in more and more people's lives.

About Penta water

Penta is the world's only patented purified water. It is created by a proprietary process which causes water molecules to form small, stable clusters -- different from other drinking waters, in which water molecules bond with their neighbors to form large clusters that are too large to efficiently enter cells.

Penta's unique structure is responsible for its many beneficial properties. Among these are faster, more efficient hydration, restoration of normal cellular pH, and increased cell survivability.

Penta water's unique properties and benefits have been validated by studies conducted at leading research institutions:

  • The General Physics Institute in Moscow conducted research using Spontaneous Raman Spectroscopy which demonstrated a clear and significant difference in the molecular structure of Penta water as compared to tap, distilled and various types of drinking water. This study is slated for publication in The Journal of the Physics of Vibrations.
  • A test was conducted in conjunction with the University of California at San Diego and the Scripps Research Institute which indicated that Penta water hydrates cells 13.4% faster than regular purified water.
  • Cell survivability research was completed at the University of Moscow which showed a dramatic increase in intracellular pH alkalinity in cells exposed to Penta water. The increase was six times that measured in cells exposed to regular purified water.
  • Researchers at the University of Moscow also found an increase in the number of cells surviving in mediums prepared using Penta water rather than normal purified water. Cells in the Penta medium showed a survival rate 266% greater than those in the control medium.

Detailed results from studies cited above are available directly from Bio-Hydration Research Lab.

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