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2002 Press Releases

12.10.02 - Penta Water to Move to Larger Corporate Headquarters and Expand Production Facilities in 2003
12.02.02 - Penta Water Uses Radio Effectively to Reach Core Customers
11.27.02 - Special Report: Chromium 6 and Bottled Water -- Treatment Options for a Controversial Pollutant
11.02.02 - Craig Walton Takes 1st at Noosa International Triathlon. Wins 6 in a Row!
10.30.02 - Penta Mingles With the Stars on Primetime TV! Watch ER, Scrubs, Providence, The In-Laws and More...
10.29.02 - Team Oxydol/Penta Proudly Finishes 2002 Eco-Challenge Race
09.17.02 - Penta Water Reaches Celebrity Status
08.28.02 - Bio-Hydration Research Lab Receives IBWA's Excellence in Manufacturing Award
07.30.02 - Penta Water Gains Distribution into New York State and New York City
07.26.02 - Professional Athletes and High Profile Sports Figures Continue to Choose Penta Water for Optimal Hydration
06.05.02 - Penta Water Increases Athlete Endorsements and Major Event Wins by its Pentathletes in May
05.20.02 - Ace Relief Pitcher for the San Diego Padres, Trevor Hoffman, Keeps Workout Regimen Fluid with Penta Water
04.16.02 - Bio-Hydration Research Lab, Inc. Expands Penta Bottled Water Production to Accomodate Increased Sales and Distribution
04.16.02 - U.S. Women's National Team Forward Shannon MacMillan Quenches Thirst with Penta Water
02.06.02 - Moonstone Interactive Brings Image Software's PhotoBox™ to Online Consumers - Redesigns Website to Realize Traffic and Sales
01.07.02 - San Diego Marathon Welcomes Penta Water as Exclusive Bottled Water Sponsor

Penta Water to Move to Larger Corporate Headquarters and Expand Production Facilities in 2003

SAN DIEGO – December 10, 2002 – For the past two years Bio-Hydration Research Lab, Inc. has seen tremendous growth in sales of Penta bottled drinking water. In 2002, distribution of Penta water grew from 1,000 natural health food stores to more than 3,000 stores in the U.S. International sales have also expanded. By January 2003, the Company expects to have significant distribution in Canada and the UK, with Europe and the Far East not far behind. Naturally, with this expansion, the Company is outgrowing its current facility and has therefore signed a multi-year lease for a new headquarters and production facility located in Carlsbad, CA (about 20 miles north of its current location).

"This year, as other companies moved out, we literally took over blocks of space in our current building to increase production capacity, which we did successfully three times," said David Cheatham, COO, Bio-Hydration Research Lab, Inc. "With our positive international and mass market sales forecast, it will be impossible to make any further expansion at our current location. However, in anticipation of this growth, we have already built the new production facility and signed a multi-million dollar, 120-month lease for a 110,881 square-foot property in Carlsbad."

Bio-Hydration was represented by Voit Commercial Brokerage, the company's original commercial agent when Bio-Hydration Research lab first leased a 5,000 square foot space in 2000 on Nancy Ridge Dr. Penta water has come a long way. The Company's new corporate headquarters will be used for corporate offices, research and development and the manufacturing of Penta water.

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Penta Water Uses Radio Effectively to Reach Core Customers

SAN DIEGO – December 2, 2002 – In October 2002 Penta water began a comprehensive radio campaign focused on educating audiences about the benefits of hydration and how new studies show that Penta water provides more effective cellular hydration due to the patented process that reduces the size of water molecule clusters.

The radio spots, called "Penta Health Reports," feature a variety of experts, doctors and physicists who explain the importance of hydrating with pure water (without chemicals, minerals or additives) and how Penta water can help people achieve their health goals. Throughout the radio campaign, Penta is offering listeners a free 4-pack sample of Penta and an educational CD along with the book, Water: The Foundation of Youth, Health and Beauty authored by Bill Holloway and Dr. Herb Joiner-Bey.

The health radio shows include: the Danielle Lin Show, The Deborah Ray Show, The Frankie Boyer Show, the Herbal Pharmacist with Dave Foreman, and Duke and the Doctor. Most of the radio advertising will continue through the end of the year. To listen and for a chance to receive chance to receive free Penta water and this great book, click on the show of interest above for a complete list of radio stations.

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Special Report: Chromium 6 and Bottled Water --
Treatment Options for a Controversial Pollutant

November 27, 2002 - In an article recently published on Water Technology Online, Dr. Herb Joiner-Bey, a close affiliate and consultant for Bio-Hydration Research Lab, and William Holloway, founder of Bio-Hydration, share their views on Chromium 6 and the responsibility of bottled water companies to remove it.

What is Chromium 6?
Chromium 6 or Cr(VI) has recently entered the consciousness of politicians and the public as a potential health concern, particularly in the bottled water we drink. However, controversy reigns as to just how toxic this substance is. Let's review the scientific data, and examine some ways bottled water producers can be sure to protect their customers. Chromium is a metallic element that occurs naturally in association with iron. Acting as a chemical cation, it freely surrenders its outer electrons to anions willing to receive them. This process leaves the chromium with three positive charges (III or trivalent) or six positive charges (VI or hexavalent).

Chromium (III) is a mineral nutrient essential to cell membrane receptor sites stimulated by insulin. In the absence of Cr(III), tissues resist insulin's influence. Blood sugar cannot enter cells to be metabolized and signs of Type II diabetes may appear.

Chromium (VI) is a by-product of industrial processes - forging stainless steel, chrome plating, manufacturing dyes and pigments, tanning leather, producing photographic materials, and staining wood. Potassium dichromate is the salt from which other chromium salts are made.

Human Exposure

Particles of Cr(VI) are scattered through the air within and surrounding industrial plants, settling on land and water. While most of these particles cling to the soil, some sink into underground aquifers. Workers can be exposed to chromium dust in the air of industrial plants using dichromate salts by breathing in the materials or by skin contact. Persons living in the vicinity of such industrial facilities or uncontrolled waste sites may also be exposed via airborne dust and water contamination.

Toxic Effects of Cr(VI)

The toxic effects of chromium dust on humans exhibit the following symptoms: Thick muco-pus from respiratory membranes; punched-out, penetrating ulcers on mucous membranes; holes in the nasal septum and small bones defining the nasal and oral cavities; nosebleeds; pains wandering throughout the body in small spots. Industrial workers exposed to chromate dust have a lung cancer rate twenty times that of the general population.

Removal Methods at Bottling Plants

As drinking water is subject to innumerable contamination agents, it is imperative that water treatment facilities and producers of bottled water take all reasonable measures to protect consumers. According to government agencies involved in water purity and health, there are straightforward methods for removing Cr(VI) from water intended for human consumption. Although micro-filtration is considered inadequate to the task, reverse osmosis and deionization are considered the most effective in removing Cr(VI).

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Craig Walton Takes 1st at Noosa International Triathlon. Wins 6 in a Row!

November 2, 2002 – Courier News (Noosa, Queensland, Australia) - On-fire Australian Pentathlete Craig Waltonscorched the Noosa Triathlon field for his sixth consecutive major race win yesterday. Breakng his bike speed but on the Cooroy decent (clocked at 62mph) his final time was 1:46:38. The the Noosa International is Australia's largest and most popular Triathlon and the worlds second largest Triathlon.

Walton, also the 1997 champion, showed once again why he's the hottest Triathlete in the sport. This race makes it six straight wins for Walton. Two major European World Cup wins in Geneva and Hungary. Three major US Titles at Minnesota, Chicago, and Los Angeles, and now the Noosa International Triathlon.

"I swam and rode very well today", said Walton. "I am very happy with my performance and it's a great way to end my international season."

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Penta Mingles With the Stars on Primetime TV!

Watch ER, Scrubs, Providence, The In-Laws and More...

October 30, 2002 – Penta goes Hollywood! Suddenly, Penta is appearing everywhere on TV... on ER, Scrubs, Girlfriends, In-Laws, The Parkers Providence, Girls Club.... You'll see Penta mingle with the stars or written specifically into scripts for the entire 2002-2003 season.

Some of Penta's greatest fans are the celebrities themselves! Danny Masterson, Cristopher Atkins, AJ Langer, Christina Applegate, Dennis Weaver, Peter Kraus and producer Tracy Britton are big Penta drinkers. And Penta's been seen in the hands of Cameron Diaz, Sean Penn, Denzel Washington, and Gwyneth Paltrow as well as at the Oscars. What is really comes down to is that these celebrities are just as serious about Penta water as we are...and you are. Here's what Chris Atkins had to say:

"Unlike other waters I actually feel Penta rehydrating immediately. I can drink a full 16 oz to refresh and quench my thirst and run back out on a ball field and not feel bloated or weighted down. It gets absorbed quickly to where I need it most and keeps me in the game. Penta water gives me and my family that extra lift we need to maintain our busy schedules. My wife and I are very involved in our children's activities. My daughter is a junior Olympic archer and my son is a scouted highschool baseball player. They don't want to drink anything else. My KIDS can tell a difference. We've never tasted such good water or felt as good after we've had Penta. And that's the truth."

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Team Oxydol/Penta Proudly Finishes 2002 Eco-Challenge Race

October 29, 2002 – Team Oxydol/Penta did an awesome performance at the Eco-challenge race in Fiji, placing a respectable 20th overall out of the 81 teams from around the world that participated in the event. Racing across 500 km of varied Fijian terrain, 23 teams finished Eco-Challenge Fiji while 58 bowed out due to illness, injury, fatigue or time disqualification. Jamie Monroe, Wayne Brandt, Michael Rickard, and Sam Gehring trekked, mountain biked, white water kayaked, swam, and canyoneered the interior of Fiji before emerging from the dense jungle and ocean kayaking to the finish. The team was fortunate to overcome some early difficulties which caused them to lose about 40 hours and much sleep, but recovered to reach a solid finish.

Jamie Monroe, captain of Team Oxydol and competing in his 3rd Eco-Challenge said, "The race in Fiji was truly a race of attrition. I am very proud of the entire team's performance. Any team that finished this year's Eco-Challenge can be proud to know that they endured one of the toughest adventure races ever."

When asked what his favorite part of the race was, Wayne Brandt replied, "I'd have to say rappelling 300 feet beside a waterfall was a highlight. It's one of those things I've seen before, but to experience it was just so real after 10 grueling days. The Eco-Challenge was the hardest event I've ever done. I lost 13 pounds and my legs were riddled with scratches and bruises, but getting to the finish was the greatest glory and worth every drop of sweat."

In the ninth installment of the world's toughest Expedition Race™, competitors agreed that the increased expeditionary emphasis took a toll on both body and spirit unlike any previous Eco-Challenge. Despite the relatively high attrition rate, and the many banged-up competitors, there was an overwhelmingly positive reaction in the shift to a more expeditionary-course format. More decision making and navigational choices, along with the wonderful terrain and friendly people of Fiji, provided for a race format that both exhausted and exhilarated all who took on the challenge. In a race that obviously tests athletic ability and stamina, but more importantly character, Team Oxydol/Penta demonstrates a resilient type of character that is truly rare in sport today. All the members of Team Oxydol Extreme Clean drink Penta water and contribute it in part to their ability to endure the harsh conditions of this year's Eco-Challenge, Fiji.

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Penta Water Reaches Celebrity Status

From Syndicated Television Shows and Feature Films, Penta Water Touted by The Stars

September 17, 2002 – Penta water is fast becoming the favorite of celebrities. Danny Masterson, Peter Krause, Dennis Weaver, Christina Applegate, AJ Langer, Christopher Atkins and top female director, Tracy Britton, are all drinking Penta water as their bottled water of choice. More stars like Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow, Steven Seagal, Denzel Washington, Celine Dion, Ryan O'Neal, Sean Penn and Robin Williams have been seen with Penta water bottles in hand. Now, thanks to a deal the Company has made with Legacy Entertainment, Hollywood's "premier" product placement organization, Penta water will be the exclusive bottled water product for Legacy Entertainment to use in their big screen and television placements during the 2002-2003 season.

"We are thrilled that Penta water will be seen by millions of movie goers and fans of some of the most popular television shows and special movie features for the season," said David Cheatham, COO, Bio-Hydration Research Lab, Inc. "Penta's superior hydration capability has made it one of the most popular waters among health-conscious people around the world. One could say that with this added marketing exposure from two of the most influential entertainment forums, film and TV, Penta has reached celebrity status."

Penta water has been provided to be featured in the following television shows: Friends (NBC); Scrubs (NBC); Boston Public (FBC); The Practice (ABC); Sabrina (WBN); The Agency (CBS); The In Laws (NBC); Grounded for Life (FBC); My Wife and Kids (ABC); Good Morning Miami (NBC); She Spies (NBC); Girl's Club (NBC); The In Laws (NBC); Meds (ABC); Presidio MD (CBS); Half and Half (UPN) Girlfriend (UPN); The Parkers (UPN); Haunted (UPN), MD's (ABC); Life With Bonnie (ABC); 24 (FBC); Do Over (WBN), King of Queens (CBS); Livin' Large, hosted by Carmen Electra, and a new celebrity entertainment series broadcast throughout Asia and hosted by VIP star, Leilani Lee.

Upcoming feature films that will highlight Penta include: Biker Boyz (DreamWorks), starring Lawrence Fishburn and Angela Basset; Mystic River, a new Clint Eastwood film starring Kevin Spacey, Kevin Bacon and Sean Penn; The Maldonado Miracle (Showtime), and Dynamite (Independent).

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Bio-Hydration Research Lab Receives IBWA's Excellence in Manufacturing Award

August 28, 2002 – Bottled water continues to be the fastest growing category in the beverage industry. This would not be possible without the superb efforts by bottler and supplier member companies of the IBWA for their outstanding adherence to manufacturing procedures and requirements.

The IBWA has awarded Bio-Hydration Research Lab, Inc. the highest award for its exceptional manufacturing procedures. The "Excellence in Manufacturing Award" is the top-level award given for compliance at all levels of manufacturing (minor and major) and is based on an annual, unannounced audit by the (NSF) National Sanitation Federation. This bottled water plant audit program is a complete compliance analysis of the manufacturer's procedures and is required of IBWA members. The analysis includes HACCP (Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points) consisting of plant verification CGMP's (Current Good Manufacturing Practices, plant design, sanitary operation, equipment and standard operating procedures, process and control, personnel documentation. Receiving the highest award also reflects the level of experience of the company's certified plant operator who is authorized and licensed by the state where the manufacturing takes place.

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Penta Water Gains Distribution into New York State and New York City

Bio-Hydration Research Lab Expects Distribution to Rapidly Reach Over 2,500 Stores

SAN DIEGO – July 30, 2002 – Bio-Hydration Research Lab, Inc. officially announced today that the Company has received licenses to begin distribution of its flagship beverage product, Penta® bottled drinking water, into both New York State and New York City. The addition of New York brings the number of states where Penta water is sold to 48. Total nationwide distribution is expected to quickly increase from 2,300 stores to more than 2,500 stores. During the past 18 months, Bio-Hydration has consistently added nearly 150 stores a month and projects having more than 3,000 stores by the end of 2002.

"Just as we anticipated, sales of Penta water have been phenomenal. We are right on target with our plans to have total U.S. market penetration into the health food stores by year-end and we'll soon be adding Canada, " cites David Cheatham, COO, Bio-Hydration Research Lab, Inc. "We increased bottling capacity in March 2002 and we are on target for another increase in August 2002, bringing our capacity up more than 400% from early this year. We've also added new distribution centers in Indiana, Texas and Pennsylvania supporting our expanding retail distribution."

Penta water continues to make very successful inroads into the natural foods retail channel and can now be found in nearly all major chains, including Whole Foods Markets and Wild Oats stores. The Company's loyal network of independent sales reps and innovative marketing, primarily though educational materials about proper hydration and radio interviews, has been very successful to the growth and popularity of Penta water. Cheatham adds, "Our goal is to educate consumers in great detail about the importance of hydration. Then, after they try Penta and they feel the difference, they tell their friends. There is nothing better than this positive word-of-mouth marketing."

In addition to the growing consumer awareness about Penta, the water has become the 'beverage of choice' for many professional and amateur athletes. In the past 4 months the Company has added 10 professional athletes who have agreed to endorse the product because they found it beneficial during training and when participating in events. These athletes include: Trevor Hoffman, ace relief pitcher with the San Diego Padres; Chris Lieto, Triathlete Magazine's cover featured triathlete in the 2002 Road to Kona IronMan Championship; Eddy Hellebuyck, current American Master runner champion and 1996 Olympian; Muffy Davis, three-time Silver medal winner in the 2002 Paralympics in Salt Lake City; Chris McCormack, the world's #1 champion triathlete; Craig Walton, recent winner of the coveted men's Tiszaujvaros ITU World Cup; swimmer Ed Moses, 2000 Olympic Gold and Silver Medallist; Los Angeles Dodgers' star 1st Baseman, Eric Karros; ESPN Radio host and Sportcenter Analyst (and former NFL player), Sean Salisbury, and professional tennis player, Graydon Oliver, 1999-2000 NCAA Men's Doubles Champion.

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Professional Athletes and High Profile Sports Figures Continue to Choose Penta Water for Optimal Hydration

Penta Water Signs On Top Triathletes Chris McCormack and Craig Walton; Olympic Gold and Silver Medal Swimmer, Ed Moses; LA Dodgers' 1st Baseman, Eric Karros, ESPN Announcer and Former NFL Player, Sean Salisbury, and NCAA Doubles Champion and ATP Pro Tennis Player, Graydon Oliver

SAN DIEGO – July 26, 2002 – Penta® water, produced by Bio-Hydration Research Lab, Inc., continues to gain popularity amongst professional athletes in all sports categories who have discovered the water's excellent hydration properties. As top athletes in their fields, proper hydration is regarded as essential to their stamina and performance.

Among Penta's newest "Pentathletes" endorsing the water are Chris McCormack, World Champion Triathlete and Craig Walton, top-ranking Pro Triathlete along with swimmer Ed Moses, 2000 Olympic Gold and Silver Medallist in the 4x100 relay and 100 meter breaststroke respectively. In addition, Los Angeles Dodgers' 1st Baseman, Eric Karros, ESPN Radio host and Sportscenter Analyst (and former NFL player), Sean Salisbury, and professional tennis player Graydon Oliver, 1999-2000 NCAA Men's Doubles Champion, are avid Penta drinkers. All athletes have agreed to endorse Penta water. The athletes will be featured on and will support Penta in its continuing worldwide marketing efforts. Penta water does not solicit any athletes, whether amateur or professional, who are not active consumers of the product.

"An essential part of our marketing strategy is to have both amateur and professional athletes in every sports category spreading the word about Penta water, " said David Cheatham, COO, Bio-Hydration Research Lab, Inc. "And because these athletes or sports professionals must be avid users of the product, they don't have to worry about convincing anyone because they, themselves are convinced of the hydration and performance benefits that Penta water offers."

Chris McCormack, currently the number one Triathlete in the world, can't say enough about Penta water. "When you put out as much energy as I do, you have to make sure your body is always capable of performing properly and keeping hydrated is the most important thing you can do. I can really feel how Penta hydrates my body, helping me to perform at my best," he remarked.

Sean Salisbury, former pro football player and current ESPN Radio host and SportsCenter analyst, even takes Penta with him on the road. "Having played pro football and now working in the television medium, I have always looked for the best way to recover from travel or exercise quickly and safely. I finally found it! Penta water. It replenishes the fluid I've lost and it does it fast! This is a product that both pros and weekend warriors should always keep within reach."

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Penta Water Increases Athlete Endorsements and Major Event Wins by its Pentathletes in May

SAN DIEGO – June 5, 2002 – Penta® water, produced by Bio-Hydration Research Lab, Inc., is reaching new heights of recognition and status amongst professional athletes and at major sporting events. Penta water's athlete endorsements nearly doubled in April and May.

Among the recent athletes (all avid Penta water drinkers) added to Penta's athlete roster was Trevor Hoffman, ace relief pitcher with the San Diego Padres. Trevor graced the cover of Sports Illustrated Magazine and was hailed as one of the best closers ever in professional baseball. Shannon MacMillan joined Team Penta in April. A two-time Olympian, MacMillan helped bring the gold (1996) and silver (2000) medals home with Team USA. She currently sits as the US Women's National Team's leading goal scorer in 2002. In addition, Chris Lieto, pro triathlete, was Triathlete Magazine's featured triathlete on the cover of its 2002 Road to Kona Ironman Championship Official Qualifiers Guide. Leito ran the Wildflower Half Ironman in May, coming in fourth despite recent foot and ankle injuries. Eddy Hellebuyck current American Master runner champion and 1996 Olympian, has had eight straight wins this year including the Carlsbad 5000. Muffy Davis race skiing pro who rose to the top 10 years after becoming paralyzed in a ski accident in college, won three Silver medals in the 2002 Paralympics in Salt Lake City, UT, and two World Cup overall titles in 2001 and 2002. This month the Company is also proud to welcome Sean Salisbury, former NFL player and present ESPN host, to Team Penta.

On May 26th, Eric Fonoimoana, men's beach volleyball Olympic gold medallist in 2000, and his new partner, Dax Holdren, captured first place and the $125,000 prize in the Association of Volleyball Professionals (AVP) Huntington Beach Open. Elite runner Janko Bensa, winner of the San Diego Marathon in January 2002, broke the course record with a 2nd place in the 8K Dr. Seuss Race for Literacy in San Diego. Wayne Brandt, Penta's very first triathlete, finished first in the elite race at the Tri-America series race, a standard Olympic distance triathlon at Lake Havasu. Weather conditions for this race were extremely hot, making it a tough run. Wayne was able to push past the best of competitors to win the race in 2:11:17. In addition, Brian Loftin, Rookie of the Year contender for the NASCAR Touring Goody's Dash Series, has had three top ten finishes in five races and is in the top ten in points.

Penta is very proud of its "Pentathletes" for their continuing successes in their sports and for making Penta water a part of their daily workout routines and challenging events.

Penta sponsored events in June will include a bicycle trek by a group of Chicago firefighters to New York City to pay homage to September 11th. The long ride will start from their firehouse in Chicago on May 28th, continuing through Ohio, Pennsylvania and New Jersey to arrive in New York on June 9th.

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Ace Relief Pitcher for the San Diego Padres, Trevor Hoffman, Keeps Workout Regimen Fluid with Penta Water

Hailed as One of the Best Closers Ever, Hoffman Graces Recent Sports Illustrated Cover

SAN DIEGO – May 20, 2002 – Bio-Hydration Research Lab, makers of Penta® bottled drinking water, today announced Trevor Hoffman, ace relief pitcher for the San Diego Padres, as its newest professional athlete or "Pentathlete" to enter an endorsement agreement with Penta water. Trevor joins a fast growing group of professional athletes in many sports categories who are drinking Penta water for its superb hydration benefits. Last month, Penta signed on Shannon MacMillan, forward for the U.S. Women's National Soccer Team; Muffy Davis, 2002 Paralympic triple silver medallist; Eddie Hellebuyck, current Masters American record holder; Janko Bensa, winner of the 2002 San Diego Marathon, and Sean Salisbury, former NFL player and current ESPN host.

Trevor Hoffman is highly regarded as one of the finest relief specialists in baseball, as well as one of the game's most generous humanitarians. Trevor had a magical season with the Padres in 2001 becoming the first relief pitcher in Major League history to record 5 career and 5 consecutive 50+ saves season. He also had his 7th 30+ save season, another MLB first. Trevor is just the 14th pitcher in baseball history to save 300 games and was again named the Padres' Pitcher of the Year, an award he has won 6 of the last 8 years.

Recently honored as the cover athlete on the May 13, 2002 issue of Sports Illustrated magazine, Trevor Hoffman is an avid drinker of Penta water both on and off the field. "As much as I work out to stay in shape for the game, I've got to stay hydrated. I've found that Penta water really helps me maintain my top level of performance both on and off the field. There's no question that Penta water hydrates my body faster than any other beverage."

Hoffman began including Penta water in his daily regimen about six months ago. Today, he won't go on the field without it. And with Trevor's newest celebrity status as the San Diego Padres best known 'closer,' there's no question that Penta water is well on its way to become the bottled drinking water of choice by many more professional athletes to come.

"We are exceptionally pleased to have Trevor on board as our newest Pentathlete," said David Cheatham, COO of Bio-Hydration Research Lab, Inc. "As successful as Trevor is, he has always been a very approachable person, especially in his own community. He's the kind of person that when he believes in a product, he'll talk to his neighbor, personal trainer or teammate about it. It's this type of word of mouth, grassroots promotion that has made Penta water so viable in the eyes of athletes."

Off the field, Hoffman is known for his devotion to the National Kidney Foundation. Losing a kidney as an infant, Hoffman donates $200 per save to the Foundation and serves as celebrity spokesman for the San Diego region. He regularly hosts kidney patients at the ballpark and was chosen as Combined Health Agencies' Celebrity Health Hero in 1997.

As Penta water's fifth professional athlete spokesperson, Hoffman will appear on the company's website at, along with being used in a variety of marketing efforts for Penta water. Terms of the endorsement were not disclosed.

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Bio-Hydration Research Lab, Inc. Expands Penta Bottled Water Production to Accommodate Increased Sales and Distribution

Water Now Available in More Than 1800 Natural Health Food Stores and Major Chains; Wild Oats Corporate Approves National Distribution

SAN DIEGO, CA – April 16, 2002 – In a move to meet the increasing demand for Penta® pure bottled drinking water, Bio-Hydration Research Lab, Inc. announced today that in March 2002, the company expanded plant production capacity by 80%. And in expectation of a surge in summer sales, the company plans to double production capacity again in May 2002. The company also announced an increase in sales of 67% in 1Q 2002 compared to 4Q 2001.

Penta water continues to make very successful inroads into the natural foods retail channel and can now be found in nearly all major chains, including Whole Foods Markets and Wild Oats stores. Since March 2001, the total number of natural food stores carrying Penta has grown from 300 to more than 1,800. Penta is also sold by over 700 healthcare practitioners -- including doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, acupuncturists, and naturopaths. In March 2002, Wild Oats also gave corporate approval to sell Penta water in all its stores and affiliates. To support the increased demand of Penta water, Bio-Hydration will add new regional distribution centers in Indiana and Texas by summer 2002. Currently, the company has distribution centers in Pennsylvania, Georgia, and California.

"We can attribute the fast-growing demand for Penta water to a number of positive factors," said David Cheatham, Bio-Hydration Research Lab, Inc. COO. "First, most stores carrying Penta are reordering the product at record levels. Not only are they getting repeat customers, the groundswell buzz about the water is also bringing in new customers as well as getting new stores to sign on. Second, we've increased our very tactical and focused marketing and public relations efforts to include health talk shows on both television and radio.

Penta water is pure water that is made using a proprietary, patent-pending process designed to provide maximum hydration. Penta water contains no additives or calories and is free of fluoride, chlorine, MTBE, and arsenic.

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U.S. Women's National Team Forward Shannon MacMillan Quenches Thirst with Penta Water

Second SoCal Company to Align with San Diego Spirit's Marquee Player MacMillan

LOS ANGELES, CA - Tuesday, April 16, 2002 – U.S. Women's National Soccer Team and San Diego Spirit star forward Shannon MacMillan has entered into an agreement to endorse Bio-Hydration Research Lab, Inc.'s Penta® Water as her bottled water of choice, it was announced today by her agent Richard L. Motzkin, principal and founder of SportsNet, LLC.

"Shannon's recent success on the field directly correlates with her increased marketing opportunities," said Motzkin. "Shannon is a distinguished San Diego athlete and it makes sense for California companies to gain greater exposure for their products by working with a nationally-recognized athlete. Shannon embodies the idea of health and fitness and it is important to associate her with companies that share in that same notion, such as Penta Water."

Bio-Hydration Research Lab, Inc., a San Diego-based company, is the second Southern California company in the last month to associate itself with MacMillan, following last month's endorsement agreement with Gatorz Eyewear. As Penta Water's fourth professional athlete spokesperson, MacMillan will appear on the company's website at, along with being used in a variety of marketing efforts for Penta Water. Terms of the endorsement were not disclosed.

Shannon MacMillan, affectionately known as "Mac", leads the U.S. Women's National Team in scoring in 2002 with 11 goals in eight games and has a total of 46 career goals in 134 matches in her illustrious career with the U.S. Women. A marquee player for the San Diego Spirit, which opened the 2002 WUSA campaign last Saturday, Mac was the second leading scorer in the WUSA during the 2001 season with 12 goals and six assists.

"We are extremely excited to have Shannon on board as a Penta Water spokesperson," said David Cheatham, COO of Bio-Hydration Research Lab, Inc. "Shannon has tremendous recognition in women's soccer and, as a Penta Water drinker, she will be a great influence to others in the sport and for female athletes in general."

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San Diego Marathon Welcomes Penta Water as Exclusive Bottled Water Sponsor

SAN DIEGO, CA – January 7, 2002 – Bio-Hydration Research Lab, Inc. today announced that Penta® water has been selected as the exclusive bottled water provider at and sponsor of the San Diego Marathon and Marathon Weekend. Penta drinking water is pure water that is made using a proprietary process designed to provide maximum hydration for athletes and other health conscious consumers.

The acclaimed San Diego Marathon, scheduled to take place in Carlsbad on January 20, 2002, is a closed-course race in San Diego's scenic North County. The Marathon Weekend includes additional events such as 5K walk/run, the Keebler Kids Marathon Mile and a half-marathon. More than 9,000 people participate in the events annually.

The news of Penta's participation came shortly after the phenomenal success of the Penta San Diego Triathlon Challenge that took place on November 4, 2001 in conjunction with the Challenged Athletes Foundation ( Penta water was the title sponsor of this event that raised more than $870,000 for the non-profit organization.

NBC-owned and operated television station, KNSD-TV, is the exclusive broadcast partner of the San Diego Marathon and initially invited Penta to join as the exclusive bottled water sponsor for this year's event. As part of Marathon Weekend's events, Penta water will also be featured and distributed at the three-day Health and Fitness Expo (Jan. 18-20, 2002) at the Plaza Camino Real in Carlsbad. During the marathon and at all related events more than 50,000 bottles of Penta will be distributed to participating athletes and to the public.

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