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Maestro Communications has represented clients in nearly every industry -- from computer hardware, software and telecommunications to multimedia, consumer electronics and consumer products. We look for clients that have a good sense of strategy, unique service offerings and those that match the energy and excitement that we put into our work. Working with clients in a range of industries stimulates our creativity and allows us to inject ideas that reach outside the box and generate stimulating campaigns that get the desired attention and feedback.

Client industries currently and recently served include internet marketing, advertising, web design, interactive and music entertainment, specialty advertising, fast food and beverage, and consumer products areas. Past areas of work include new technology, telecommunications, computer hardware and software, consumer electronics, housewares and foodservice products, business and educational products, and business to consumer product marketing.

Maestro is eager to show new clients how quickly we can turn their project or campaign into a success. The company’s ability to successfully bring new products to market in such a variety of industries speaks is due to our extensive experience. Many advertising or PR firms often focus on certain market areas because that is their area of excellence. At Maestro Communications, nearly every industry has been touched at some point it time. Our understanding of the marketing and PR process is succinct so we don’t waste time and can quickly jump into any project and understand your objective without the fanfare. Our flexibility also allows multiple services either in a marketing or communications role.